About Us

On the bus!

Steve Reasner – Technologist and Transportation Innovator

After a skateboard accident, 8 surgeries and inability to drive, Steve used the opportunity to experiment with L.A.’s public transportation. His career as a technology and business consultant, Steve intuitively applies software to solve complex problems. Appalled by the archaic inefficiency and waste in services, especially around traffic and public transportation. He is now actively attending MTA meetings, LAEDC meetings and talking with city officials as a public advocate to transform transportation in Los Angeles.

Flint Dille – Video Game Designer and Transportation Disruptor

Westwood parking fight

Thrust into the transportation scene when Michael Dukakis, visiting professor at UCLA, declared war on apron parking in Westwood. Flint began asking the question, “what would make me want to take the Bus?” As a storyteller he wants to give the world a narrative. As a game guy, he wants to turn Los Angeles  (in fact, life) into a MMRWG (Mobile Multiplayer Real World Game). Having gotten off at every stop on the London Underground as a kid, Flint wants to make the whole city a destination